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Onion Sets

Onion sets are the small onions that are obtained from the first year of cultivation, they are about 8/21mm square size in diameter. These Sets are stored in a special way from august/autumn until the following Spring. They can be planted early in the year and produce a quick crop of large onions for consumption. The use of Onion-sets is preferable to growing from seed, because they give a greater yield with less risk. Sets grown from seed obtained from healthy mother plants grow quickly and guarantee a high yield. Onionsets can be used at home in the vegetable garden as well as by the professional grower.

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100% Quality

For our products we use only seed that comes from reliable and reputable suppliers and manufacturers.
To maintain a constant and high quality of our products, our production fields are spread out evenly on the north, center and south of the Netherlands.

In addition, the seeds that we use are under strict control of the foundation NAK-Horticulture.

60 years of experience

A.C. Mosselman BV is a family business founded in 1945, which over the years has specialized in the production, processing and supply of onion sets.

Still, our company is run by the family Mosselman and employees with great care and devotion.

Nowadays, we supply top quality onion sets to many countries throughout the world.